Volunteers Needed @ Cope of Lebanon

Change the world by helping us stop violence

Interested in helping?  Click here → or call us @ (417) 533-5201


Training: Attendance at training sessions and at regular monthly meetings. 

Supervised by: Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Director 

Hours: Volunteer hours are flexible and may be arranged to accommodate their schedules. It is not the quantity of hours but the quality of hours contributed. 

Purpose: To provide crisis intervention, safety, security, support and resource information to victims of domestic violence. 

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Doug Clark
Debbie Cantrell Interview's with 417mag

Strength of a Lion

Leaving a past of domestic violence, Debbie Cantrell went on to discover strength she never knew she had.

By Ettie Berneking

Photo by Brandon Alms

Photo by Brandon Alms

The night Debbie Cantrell walked into COPE—a domestic violence shelter in Lebanon—her life changed forever.

Since leaving her abuser, Debbie has devoted her life to volunteer work. She has spent the last 10 years as a member of the Lions Club International (a global service club with more than 1.4 million members). Debbie’s endless volunteering landed her a seat at the White House after she helped turn $75,000 into $1 million of cleanup services when the Joplin tornado hit. She traveled to South Korea and spoke in front of the United Nations on gender equality. She has shared her own story of survival in front of thousands and even returned to the shelter that helped her start a new life so many years ago. This time, she wasn’t in need of help; she was coming

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Doug Clark