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Training: Attendance at training sessions and at regular monthly meetings.

Supervised by: Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Director

Hours: Volunteer hours are flexible and may be arranged to accommodate their schedules. It is not the quantity of hours but the quality of hours contributed.

Purpose: To provide crisis intervention, safety, security, support and resource information to victims of domestic violence.


Major Responsibilities:

  1. To provide crisis intervention and support services on the hotline.

  2. To provide crisis intervention and support face-to-face in shelter.

  3. To provide resources and referrals when needed to clients.

  4. To monitor and maintain house rules, usage of supplies/utilities, and client chore


  5. To maintain a high degree of cooperation and communication between clients, staff, and


  6. To maintain and provide documents that are needed or required by the agency.

  7. Maintain confidentiality of clients’ name and information.

  8. To be available and on-time for scheduled volunteer time.

  9. To provide clerical and office support when needed.

  10. To assist in Community Awareness programs.

  11. To report directly to the Volunteer Coordinator and perform duties assigned in the

    operation of the volunteer program.

  12. Optional, to provide child care services during support groups/and or life skills. These

    services are needed in the evening and on Saturday mornings.


  1. Volunteers are subject to the same COPE policies as full-and part-time employees.

  2. The minimum age for volunteer advocates working without supervision is 21 years.

  3. Applicants for volunteer positions must submit a written application and will be

    interviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Director.

  1. The Volunteer Coordinator or the Executive Director is responsible for conducting a criminal background check and verifying references of volunteer applicants.

  2. Applicants with a history of a criminal offense against another person are not eligible to volunteer. Applicants with any other criminal history will be eligible to volunteer at the discretion of the Executive Director.

  3. Applicants will be placed in volunteer positions based on education, previous work history, results of the personal interview, demonstrated skills and aptitude, needs of the shelter, and the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Director.

  4. Volunteers are required to participate in 20 hours of in-house training before being added to the staff schedule.

  5. Volunteers are hired on a conditional basis, pending the completion of a 90-day probation period. At the end of the 90-day probationary period, either the volunteer or the Executive Director may determine the volunteer is not suitable for continued employment.

  6. Volunteers are required to attend additional training and staff meetings as directed by the Executive Director.

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